Industry of tomorrow : Actemium highlights its operational innovation approach

About Viva Technology, Actemium will present its innovative solutions towards the next generation factory on the Open Innovationspace of Vinci Energies: the “Lab Digital Industry”

Paris, June 12th 2017 – The second Viva Technology 2017 edition is shaped for operational innovation as ground-breaking. Based on the principle that innovation evolves permanently to commit by all, in the interest of all, Actemium will introduce solutions that its teams applies day-to-day serving the next generation industry, and will develop its capacity to develop strategical partnerships towards perpetual innovation.

The operational industrial innovation maturity

The future of industry is a necessity which any industrial community is looking for: however, 67% of them assume that technologies which will operate this transition are not fully developed for their companies. (source: OpinionWay for EY, October 2016)

Actemium will benefit of Viva Technology to demonstrate that technologies which are aiming for more flexibility, productivity as smarter industry are already efficient, operational and relevant. With the support of our 300 businesses units, Actemium works day-to-day to reach operational innovation, to the core of factory.

Vinci Energies Lab Digital Industry (stand 15) will serve to promote Actemium’s innovations which integrates its expertise range:

  • Augmented reality (for trusted and assisted maintenance)
  • Virtual reality and 3D animation (for conception and training modelization support)
  • Mobility tools (to reduce the non-added value delays and to set back mankind in the factory core)

The perpetual challenge for innovation

According to Olivier Albessard, Actemium’s Director:

“To rely on start-ups and specific experts allows flexibility, creativity and a level of customized solutions which accelerate our capacities to design innovative offers for next generation factory. We are developing our capacity and relevancy response when the start-up challenges markets which are barely reachable on their own. This co-innovation is held by the functioning of Actemium within its 300 independent network companies, which boosts this philosophy of partnership towards innovation.”