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Actemium are experts in a number of Control systems and programming languages. We make vendor-independent automation solutions  and work with a number of different suppliers, which enables us to meet our customers’ requirements regarding a special supplier. We work with among others Siemens S7, Mitsubishi, ABB, Schneider, Rockwell, InTouch, iFix, Citect and Profibus. Please contact us for information about how we can assist you within your particular brand/programming language.


We provide you the best possible support

Our support will assist you as soon as something does not work. You can Always feel safe and secure. We know from many years of experience that support is vital in order to create good relations with our customers. Our programmers have a solid knowledge and ensures that everything works in your system. We handle all the questions and problems that may arise. Today, most of the support is managed remotely.


We train you in the systems

To learn the systems properly and work more effectively requires training. We offer our customers customized trainings that show how you use the systems in your particular business. You will learn how procedures and processes work and how to work smarter to increase efficiency.


We adapt the plant to your business

—We have many years experience of developing systems and customer adapted solutions for different companies. Of course, our system development includes both project management and programming. We immerse ourselves in our customer’s work and deliver high quality systems that streamline the work.

A close cooperation between engineers, technicians and electricians provides a stable Foundation to carry out Projects with different conditions and time frames.

We execute net analysis in order to optimize our customer’s plant and can assess the plant and its operation to implement upgrades and optimizations for e.g. energy savings.



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Actemium Automation

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