Actemium secures fresh water to Gothenburg



In Nordre älv north of the island Hisingen you find Ormo barrage. It was built in the 30’s to prevent that too much salt water would flow into the river Göta älv and destroy Gothenburg’s drinking water. The facility consists of a wooden tower with adjoining pond on each side of the river. The electrical systems are getting old and Actemium has therefore been commissioned to replace the electrical systems in the towers, the distributions on shore as well as install backup power. New fire and burglar alarm should also be installed. Also, the steering system is being supplemented and pump drives are replaced.

Ormo barrages is owned and operated by Vattenfall Vattenkraft and the client is NCC Construction. The project will be executed during 2014-2016 in two phases.

Photo: Peter Granlund