International leader in their sector

VINCI Energies offers to its clients to equip and optimize their energy, transport and communication infrastructure, industrial facilities and buildings.

VINCI Energies operates from project engineering and execution to maintenance, operation and facilities management in four major business lines:

  • Industry
  • Service Sector
  • Infrastructure
  • Telecommunications

VINCI Energies is made up of 1,500 business units gathering 63,000 employees in 49 countries.

As the VINCI Energies’ brand 100% dedicated to industry, Actemium has unified all its Business Units operating on industrial processes.


VINCI Energies Nordic

In the Nordic countries we are specialized in electrical installation, data and telecommunications. VINCI Energies Nordic works towards the industry as well as real-estate companies, the construcion sector and public authorities. In the Nordic we are represented in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Read more about VINCI Energies Nordic  at their own website.