Actemium Sweden

Our strength – vast resources, excellent technological expertise and local presence.

Actemium advises, designs, builds and maintains industrial processes. Thanks to our market oriented know-how and driven approach, we are often engaged in extensive projects. We form a network of specialists who, together with you, improve industrial production in your production process.

Our network of 380 business units are 100% dedicated to industrial process. These companies are located in 40 countries across the world and usually near you.

Actemium is active in all phases of the lifecycle in your industrial processes: from consulting and technology to realization, commissioning and maintenance. Our specialists offer you relevant suggestions costum-made for long-term partnerships.

We combine our acknowledged, professional expertise with our segmented approach and the network effect to produce efficient and creative solutions, specific to each client.

The global Actemium network is active in various market segments. In Sweden our focus is on the following

  • Chemicals
  • Energy
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Infrastructure
  • Water

“We work closely with the industry - in every way!”

Örjan Carlsson , marketing Actemium